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A .For Office Staff, Businessmen, Office Professionals & Others...( Duration :One to two days)

Behavioral Skills for Positive Mind Setup and Personal & Professional effictiveness:

Vision & Goal Setting

Positive Attitude & Confidence Building
Assertiveness Skills
Active Listening and Communication Skill
Effective Business Etiquettes
Improve Interpersonal Skills to influence clients
Manage Stress to grow in your career
Effective Time Management Skills

Manage Impression and influence others to grow

B. Campus Interview Skills for Management Students
- 2 days

Vision & Goal Setting, Self Development Skills, Power of Positive Attitude, Self Esteem ,& Confidence building, 25 Most Important Professional Qualities, Active Listening Skills, Leveraging Interpersonal Skills to influence people and achieve dream success. Most Important Tips on Business Etiquettes. Preparation on most important probable questions of Campus Interview.

Preparation on Group Discussion & Personal Interview along with Role Play

C. List of General Training Modules:

Effective Communication Skills - 1 day
Improve your Presentation Skills - 1 day
Leverage your Interpersonal Skills and build your career - 1 day
Personal Grooming
Manage Time effectively and achieve your dream success` - 1 day
Business Etiquettes (Telephone, Office & Table etiquettes )- 1day
Managerial and Leadershup Excellence Skills - 2 days
Power of Emotional Intelligence - 1 day
Manage your stress and grow in life - 1 day


Training Modules :

D. Management Training :

(i). Personal Development of Managers-

Improve your Presentation, Public Speaking & Meeting Skills - 2 days
Power of Emotional Intelligence &
Assertiveness Skills - 1 day
Communicate Effectively to lead your team for Outstanding Performance
    -2 days
Manage your Time & Stress and grow as a Super Leader - 1 day
Leverage your Interpersonal Skills and Influence others to Grow - 1 day
Gain Managerial & Leadership  Excellence Skills - 2 days
Improve your Personal & Professional Effectiveness - 2 days
Gain All Managerial Effectiveness and Lead your Team to the Top- 2 days

(ii). People Management -

Appraisal Skill & Performance Management - 1 day
Effective Team Building and Managing Skills - 2 days
Interviewing Skills - 2 days
Leadership & Motivation - 2 days
Effective Supervisory Skills - 2 days
Train the Trainer - 1 day
 Conflict Management and Resolution 1 day
Delegation, Coaching and Counselling Skills- 1 day

Manage change & Innovation through Creative Thinking - 1 day

(iii). Business Management -

Key Account Management - 1 Day
Public Speaking and Handling Effective Meeting Skills - 1 Day
Managing Poor Performance of Team - 1 Day
Effective Project Management - 1 Day
Strategic Business Planning - 1 Day

" The greatest discovery of our generation is that human beings can alter their lives by altering their attitudes of mind. As you think, so shall you be." – William James


We may customize most Latest and Effective Training Modules for Various Departments of your Organization



E. Sales Training :

(i). For Sales-Trainees - 3 days

Induction Training:

Vision & Goal Setting, Self Development, Positive  Attitude & Positive Thinking, Confidence Building , Self Esteem,
Active Listening & Effective Communication Skills , Business Etiquettes, Impression Management, Personal Grooming,, 25 Most Important Professional Qualities, Leveraging Interpersonal Skills to Influence others and acquire prest business target, Customer Service Excellence - 2 days

Professional Selling Skills to Gain High Achievement Surpaqssing Preset Sales Target ( Part-I)- 1 Day


(ii). Senior Sales Officers:

Professional Selling Skills to Gain High Achievement Surpassing Preset Sales Target ( Part-II)- 1 or 2 days

Improve your Presentation Skills - 1 day
Key Account Management - 1 day
Negotiation Skills - 1 day
Manage Time & Stress for Outstanding Performance in Sales - 1 day

Winning Business from Competition - 1 day

We offer :

    Specially designed  Customer Specific Training

     In-house Training at customer premises

     1 Day Workshops on various Behavioral & Management skills


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